In the last 10 years Azerbaijan has grown and changed almost beyond recognition. Prosperity has increased across the board, Baku has become a world class metropolis and infrastructure projects have helped improve services to the regions. At the same time Azerbaijan’s vast cultural heritage has come to the fore and is now much better known on the international scene, some of the credit for this must go to Visions magazine, a publication that I read regularly with a wonderful cross section of articles on Azerbaijan’s history, culture and everything in between. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary, I look forward to another 10 years of fascinating reading.

Bob Blackman, British MP

I have been to Azerbaijan several times and Visions magazine has always been a great companion, giving me an understanding of the country’s history and keeping me up to date on culture and current developments. In the same way that Azerbaijan itself has greatly changed in the last ten years so has Visions developed from a local to a world-class publication. Congratulations on your anniversary and good luck for the next 10 years!

Dr Liam Fox, British MP

Almost immediately after coming to Azerbaijan in 2009, Visions of Azerbaijan has taken immediate interest in all my projects in Azerbaijan such as founding the Beltman piano factory, Qabala Music Festival, supporting Azerbaijani sheet music engraving and much more.

It has paid attention to many concerts, which Farhad Badalbeyli and I organised in support of beautiful Azerbaijani music not only in Azerbaijan.  Visions of Azerbaijan shows the whole world a deep understanding of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Azerbaijan.

Dmitry Yablonsky, conductor & cellist

I would like to send my congratulations to Visions of Azerbaijan on the 10th anniversary of the magazine’s launch.  Like Azerbaijan, Visions has grown in importance, status and impact over the last decade and offers a vibrant, stimulating and colourful insight into Azerbaijan’s many fascinations.  I wish Visions of Azerbaijan continuing success in the future.

Irfan Siddiq, Ambassador, British Embassy Baku

Congratulations on your 10th birthday, Visions of Azerbaijan!  You have provided a consistent and excellent cross section of everything Azerbaijani for a decade, and I wish you many more.  I am especially gratified by your magazine’s continued commitment to the promotion and support of Azerbaijan’s national cultural genius, the art of mugham music.

Jeffrey Werbock, Chairman of The Mugham Society of America

10 YEARS - Visions of Azerbaijan - congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your magazine a lot, for me it is indeed a mixture of visions and my personal memories of this incredible, wonderful country. The richness and the diversity of cultural highlights are always a big pleasure to discover through your amazing reportages. Visions of Azerbaijan has always followed my designing with great empathy, which is for a designer of course pretty important. Since my very first trip to Baku in 1999, the amazing event of the European Song Contest in 2013 or a photo shoot for the British press in several places with very strong messages, I enjoyed every moment between tradition and modernity I could experience. Bravo & all the best to Visions of Azerbaijan.

Tilmann Grawe, Paris-based designer

Over 10 years Visions of Azerbaijan magazine, a first in the history of our national press in terms of its concept and quality, has been introducing Azerbaijan to the world - its historical past, geography, culture, architecture, folklore, various spheres of art, literature, science and tourism potential.

Through your magazine, readers get the chance to see our republic through the eyes of foreign authors. In my opinion, Visions of Azerbaijan will successfully continue into the future. Each issue of the magazine, with its interesting and well-prepared content, will be a gift for those who love Azerbaijan as well as for those who want to get to know and study Azerbaijan.

I sincerely congratulate you and the magazine staff on your 10-year anniversary. I wish you rich creativity, great achievements and happiness for the readers!

With best regards,

Prof. Dr Vidadi A. Muradov, Head of Azer-Ilme, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Azerbaijan Carpets

Happy Anniversary VISIONS OF AZERBAIJAN!  While my visit to share my books with the kids of Baku and see the sites of your poetic country was a small part of your mission, it was a big thrill for me!  Here’s to more success!

Wishing you the best!

Mo Willems, writer and illustrator

Congratulations to all at Visions of Azerbaijan on your 10th anniversary. In my 6 years of being here in Azerbaijan I have always enjoyed reading your brilliant productions, especially the columns about FC Qabala. I hope that the publication will be entertaining and informing the Azerbaijani country readers for at least another 10.
Many happy returns!

Tony Adams MBE, Director of Football at FC Qabala

With all my heart I congratulate Visions of Azerbaijan magazine and its editorial board on the occasion of its 10th anniversary! The magazine embodies the wonderful idea of presenting the rich history and culture of Azerbaijan to European countries. It carries a powerful and positive message that contributes to friendly relations between countries. I wish a bon voyage to the magazine and its staff on their way to a further 60 years of success!

Elmira Abbasly, artist and craftswoman, Honoured Cultural Worker

Happy 10th Anniversary!! Within these 10 years, Azerbaijan has changed dramatically! Visions of Azerbaijan magazine has been covering not only the changing face of Azerbaijan, but also its history, culture and so on. We might say that Visions of Azerbaijan has been walking with the country, and I hope it will cover the changing Azerbaijan forever!

Yoko Hirose PhD, Professor at Keio University, Japan

The magazine successfully, honestly and responsibly fulfils its mission of popularising and introducing the world to the centuries-old development of Azerbaijan’s history, literature and culture, its prominent individuals and events through its rich and informative articles published in English.

The services of Visions of Azerbaijan magazine are admirable in informing the global community about the rapid modern development of independent Azerbaijan and its achievements. The magazine is also performing the key role of telling the global community the realities of the Armenian–Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

For all these reasons Visions of Azerbaijan magazine has turned into a real centre of Azerbaijani studies in Europe. I wish the magazine continuing success with these honourable goals.

Isa Hebibeyli, Azerbaijani MP and Vice President of ANAS

Congratulations to Visions of Azerbaijan for ten years of promoting the culture and history of Azerbaijan. The magazine and its wonderful staff have been friends and supporters to me since my first days in Azerbaijan, almost six years ago. I wish them luck in continuing their excellent work and hope for ten more years of exciting and educational articles.

Kelsey Rice, PhD student and Visions reader

Dear Visions of Azerbaijan!

I congratulate you on the 10th anniversary since your foundation. Ever since the day you started your work, along with turning into one of the most well known magazine resources in the country, you have also proved to be a trustworthy, interesting and legible source of information, as well as always managing to keep up with the events in the country. You have rightfully gained an audience of loyal readers by highlighting many areas in your own style.

A jubilee is also a time to lay the foundations for new successes. I am certain that you will continue delighting your readers with even more interesting articles. To the editorial staff, I wish you every success in your creative work and in gaining even more readers in the future.

Chingiz Abdullayev, writer and secretary of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers

I congratulate the whole team on the 10th anniversary of Visions of Azerbaijan. The magazine displays our culture and development to the world. I was interviewed by the magazine and I know that there have been many articles about our musicians and that it appreciates our music and pays it a good deal of attention. I wish for the team to enjoy their 50th anniversary and I wish them success and honour.

Alim Qasimov, mugham singer and Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan

I congratulate Visions of Azerbaijan on its 10th anniversary with all my heart. The magazine serves our culture and Azerbaijan and represents us abroad. We were interviewed by the magazine too and we wish it further success in the future, inshAllah.

Ferqana Qasimova, mugham singer

I sincerery congratulate the entire editorial staff of Visions of Azerbaijan on 10 years of its work in supporting and promoting Azerbaijan’s ancient and rich history, business and social life. In regard to the West’s recognition of Azerbaijan’s creative people, you are contributing immensely, and that in itself is worthy of the highest praise.  I wish you further success in your endeavours and I am confident that success will be achieved.

Elchin Efendiyev, Writer, Deputy Prime Minister

I sincerely congratulate all Visions of Azerbaijan magazine’s editorial staff and creative team with this momentous event! I wish all of you every success on this hard but honourable road!

It’s safe to say that this publication, without exaggeration, has turned into an integral part of our political, social and international life. 

Visions of Azerbaijan magazine plays an important role in promoting Azerbaijan’s culture, history, as well as our national and moral values and traditions.

Ramiz Abutalibov, diplomat and author

Congratulations to Visions magazine as you celebrate 10 years of publication. Visions magazine has shared with the world the amazing history, culture and beauty of Azerbaijan. I, like many, eagerly await each publication as we continue to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the rich contribution Azerbaijan has made and will continue to make to the world. I wish Visions continued success in the years ahead as you share the life and culture of the peoples of Azerbaijan.

Graeme Pollock, Director, European Azerbaijan School and the Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre

Visions of Azerbaijan is a voice of Azerbaijan in Europe. The magazine’s work is irreplaceable in promoting our history, culture, traditions, economic opportunities and the peaceful nature of our state policy. As a result parliamentarians, politicians and researches are showing a great interest in it.

The magazine pays special attention to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and is proving the facts of the occupation with an effective approach. In this regard, the book International Visions: The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict over Karabakh from History to Future Peace Prospects, released as an addition to the publication, has an exceptional value.

Dear Visions of Azerbaijan, over 10 years of work you have created a complete model of high civic service. While we congratulate you on your 10-year anniversary we also feel confident that your wide range of activity will strengthen through new creative products.

Eflatun Amashov, Azerbaijani MP and Head of the Azerbaijan Press Council

  I would like to thank Visions of Azerbaijan for taking the United States Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship Program’s summer group to Qabala in 2010. It was a trip to remember! Not only did I get to see a part of Azerbaijan that most locals never have the opportunity to travel to, but the contacts I made from the trip and journal are wonderful people who have helped me immensely over the past few years. Azerbaijan is so lucky to have such a wonderful journal in print!

Jeiran Hasan, Visions reader

 Our congratulations and best wishes to all at Visions of Azerbaijan.  This unique journal has always worked hard to present everything that is great about Azerbaijan but never afraid to discuss the challenges.  Visions of Azerbaijan allowed my wife Fiona Maclachlan, to capture her travels and insights into these wonderful pages. An honour felt by us all.  Thank you.  Our best wishes for the future.

Alistair Maclachlan, husband of the late Fiona Maclachlan, a frequent Visions contributor

  The high level of professional skill, promotion of the cultural heritage and objective coverage of the socio-cultural life of Azerbaijan are among the main achievements of the magazine.

This 10th anniversary is a good marker of your professionalism. Each printed edition can and should perform the role of teacher, good friend and adviser. I think your magazine manages this completely.

I wish the magazine a long future, interested readers and creative success.

Tahir Salahov, Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan

 I sincerely congratulate the readers with the 10th anniversary. I hope that Visions of Azerbaijan, being a successful magazine, will celebrate many more anniversaries hereafter.

This magazine’s role is indispensable in the promotion and international recognition of Azerbaijan’s ancient history, traditions, ethnography, culture, art and values of multiculturalism, as well as in promoting the historical and cultural heritage, traditions and culturological aspects of minorities living on the territory of Azerbaijan.

I wish you every success and creative achievements!

Milikh Yevdayev, Chairman of the Baku Mountain Jews Religious Community