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By Fiona Maclachlan

On 29 October, Azerbaijan´s very own piano factory in Qabala proudly opened its very first shop - in Kleve, Germany. The celebrations included a reception at the shop and afterwards a river boat trip to further appreciate the Kleve area.

Kleve is the home town of Herr Hans Leferink, General Designer and Production Director of Qabala´s piano factory. The factory manufactures pianos under the Beltmann brand name.

I asked piano factory General Director Dmitry Yablonsky all about the opening and he shared many photographs of the exciting event. Special guests were the deputy Mayor of Kleve and also the CEO of Louis Renner, Dr Frank Gebert. Louis Renner provide the actions for Beltmann pianos; they also provide them for Steinway, Bossendorfer and Fazioli. So we are in good company, says Dmitry.

Hans, obviously very pleased with the pianos and the new shop, demonstrated the quality by playing the pianos. His wife (Rose Ren) and daughter and son were also amongst the guests.

Rose Ren manages the shop, which can be found at Hagsche Str. 76, Kleve. Telephone +491774839533

Dmitry explains that the shop is in a great location, 1 hour to Köln (Cologne), 1 hour to Amsterdam etc. and that Kleve is a very lovely city, with a brand new university for 8,000 students; it opened in September this year.

Prices for the Beltmann pianos start from around 10,000 euros and you can contact Rose Ren for brochures or go to the new website,

Dmitry is emphatic in congratulating the piano factory workers on this great achievement. They are leading the way in exporting exceptionally high quality goods from Azerbaijan. All the employees come from Qabala, a region of the country scenically situated at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. Every employee has been individually trained in handcrafting pianos and soon there will be a piano academy incorporated into the factory dedicated to providing world class training for the staff.
Kleve`s newest piano emporium Kleve`s newest piano emporium

In the future Dmitry plans to open more Beltmann Piano shops, he hopes in Baku, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Beltmann Piano, Hagsche Str. 76, Kleve
29. Oktober 2011 Kleve
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KLEVE. Am Samstag, den 29.10.2011 wurde feierlich die Neueröffnung des Beltmann Piano Showrooms gefeiert. Herr Hans Leferink, General Designer & Produktion Direktor, und Herr Dmitry Yablonsky, der Generaldirektor, der seines Namens auch ein berühmter Cellist und Dirigent ist, öffneten die Pforten für die „Beltmann Piano Welt“. Gegründet wurde Beltmann Piano 1901 durch Johan Beltmann (1879-1964) in Deventer (Holland), als Produktionsstätte und für Reparaturen von Klavieren und Flügel. Der Beltmann Piano Showroom bietet nicht nur Pianos an, sondern auch Service, unter anderem auch das Klavierstimmen. Nähere Informationen und Kontaktdaten erhalten Sie im Händlerverzeichniseintrag bei Die Öffnungszeiten vom Beltmann Piano Showroom sind Dienstag bis Freitag von 13:00 bis 18:00 und Samstag von 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr, und nach Vereinbarung unter Tel.: 0177-4839533.