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The national songs of Azerbaijan are a most important element of its rich music folklore. They express, simply and clearly, all the qualities inherent in the philosophy, outlook, domestic life and culture, in short, the whole life of the nation. As with any other country, these songs are an essential key to an understanding of Azerbaijan’s national identity.

The national songs of Azerbaijan have always been received enthusiastically, not only within the country, but also abroad. With this in mind, our magazine is presenting a special new column “SELECTIONS FROM NATIONAL MUSIC”. In this column we will print translations, with notes, of the best of Azerbaijan’s national songs. We are also producing a special CD of the songs presented here. In this edition, we offer one of the most popular songs “Azerbaijan Deer” (Source: Azerbaijani National Songs, (two volumes). Volume 1, Baku, 2005)

Azerbaijan Deer

Ay, my girl, don’t walk away,
Riven is my heart today,
I am bewitched by your eyes,
Azerbaijan deer of mine

When you come to our spring well,
Your smile and your glancing spell,
Stirring my emotions so,
Azerbaijan deer of mine

To your eyes I am tight bound,
And to your words - such sweet sound,
To our place, come stay with us
Azerbaijan deer of mine

I will sacrifice that day,
I will hurt if you stay away,
I will walk away from you
Azerbaijan deer of mine

Let us go to 40 Maids’
Where deer and gazelles roam the glades
We shall go to Issa’s spring
Azerbaijan deer of mine

In Turshsu’s pastures we’ll roam free
Beautiful Shusha our home will be
I hope that you will stay with me
Azerbaijan deer of mine