TEAS is launched to the Azerbaijani community in Britain, 24 November 2008TEAS is launched to the Azerbaijani community in Britain, 24 November 2008
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On 27 November the European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) was officially launched in the House of Lords. MPs, diplomats, representatives of international organizations, public figures, businessmen and activists from the Azerbaijani community in the UK attended the event.

Opening the ceremony, TEAS Chairman Tale Heydarov explained the importance of the society´s work and outlined its aims and plans. TEAS is established on the basis of the London Azerbaijan Society, which was founded in 2004 in the UK, and intends to expand its sphere of activity. Tale Heydarov said that TEAS would capitalize on the rich experience of the London Azerbaijan Society and the significant projects it had carried out and would promote Azerbaijan in the European arena. "The primary aim of TEAS is promoting Azerbaijan, which has a rich culture and huge economic potential, in Europe," Tale Heydarov said. "This will include promoting Azerbaijan´s international relations in the European mass media and political and cultural circles and raising awareness about the truth of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Karabakh, thereby attracting the attention of Western countries to the conflict. The society will involve Azerbaijanis living and studying in Europe in achieving these aims."

Tale Heydarov spoke about the various activities of the society and underlined the importance of printed material in raising Azerbaijan´s profile. He said that the society published the
Azerbaijan´s Ambassador to the UK Mr Fakhraddin Qurbanov speaks at the launch of TEASAzerbaijan´s Ambassador to the UK Mr Fakhraddin Qurbanov speaks at the launch of TEAS
quarterly magazine Visions of Azerbaijan in English, which is distributed to leading libraries, academic and research centres. In order to make key information accessible to a foreign audience in a simple and attractive way the society has published the book Azerbaijan: 100 Questions Answered in English and Russian. Another book, consisting of articles by foreign authors on the Mountainous Karabakh conflict, will be republished in Britain in the near future. These books will be available through the main book distribution networks. Mr Heydarov also said that monthly business and members´ bulletins published by TEAS were distributed in political and business circles in Europe.

Tale Heydarov spoke about British producer Nick Tyron´s documentary film My Surreal Duty which the society has produced: "This documentary, produced on TEAS´s initiative and in close cooperation with American Jeffrey Werbock, a professional performer on Azerbaijani national musical instruments, is about the plight of Karabakh refugees. Work on the film is expected to be completed in late January."

The chairman of the Anglo-Azerbaijan Society, Lord Fraser, said that
Guests discuss TEAS’ publicationsGuests discuss TEAS’ publications
the founding of TEAS in London was a significant event in promoting Azerbaijan in the world. Lord Fraser praised the society´s work in presenting the truth about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Karabakh and stressed the great need for this in the international community. Lord Fraser emphasized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan as the main principle in the settlement of the conflict and stressed the importance of Diaspora activity in this sphere. He expressed his support for TEAS and said he would always be glad to help the society´s work.

Azerbaijan´s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the UK, Fakhraddin Qurbanov, said that the embassy would always support TEAS. He said that the embassy and society had already jointly organized a concert to mark 90 years since the birth of Azerbaijan´s great composer Qara Qarayev. Azerbaijani violinist Sabina Rakchiyeva, who is studying for a doctorate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, performed some of the composer´s work. Mr Qurbanov said it was fascinating how the society´s documentary, My Surreal Duty, brought together the plight of Azerbaijani refugees from Armenian aggression and their enormous musical heritage. He thanked Lord Fraser for his positive attitude towards Azerbaijan and said that this was the second event relating to Azerbaijan held in the House of Lords in November.

The evening ended with a showing of part of Nick Tyron´s film. Guests were able to take away the newsletters Business Bulletin, Azerbaijan’s Role in the Caucasus and International Policy and Mountainous Karabakh and the book Azerbaijan: 100 Questions Answered.
A clip from the film My Surreal Duty is shownA clip from the film My Surreal Duty is shown
TEAS´ publicationsTEAS´ publications