For people on the go who want to access Visions content offline, we invite you to check out our digital app. On it, you will find downloadable copies of our current and archived magazine going back to our inception in 2006, as well as exclusive content you won’t find on our website, such as Azerbaijani language lessons, street interviews, cultural tips, and a map series that puts Azerbaijan’s history, culture and economy into geographic perspective. Current issues of the magazine are available for $6.99, archived issues are $2.99, or you can sign up for an annual subscription (four quarterly magazines plus occasional special themed issues) for $20.99.


A look inside
We offer articles on history, culture, cuisine, travel, economy, ecology and more.

Exclusive Content

Azerbaijani Lessons (with audio from native speakers).
Maps putting culture, history and economy into geographic context.
Q&A's answering your questions about all things Azerbaijani.
Street interviews from a variety of locations around the country.
Quarterly news highlights with a focus on culture and current affairs.

Our app is currently only available on Android here on Google Play, but development of our iPhone app is underway, and we expect to be releasing it shortly. Check back for updates or email us at requesting to be informed when the iPhone version is released, and we will notify you directly.