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The international prizes established by Alfred Nobel are renowned worldwide and the subject of intense interest and speculation. In contrast, a prize established in Baku to honour Alfred’s nephew, Emanuel Nobel, had been all but forgotten until scholars in Azerbaijan unearthed material about the prize. The article below has been abridged for Visions from a paper by Mir-Yusif Mir-Babayev and Bahram Atabeyli, presented at the Branobel Conference in Stockholm in September 2013.

 The Russian (Baku) Emanuel Nobel Prize was established in November 1904, during Emanuel’s lifetime, by the Baku Branch of the Imperial Russian Technical Society. The prize was awarded four times, in all, for contributions to the development of the oil industry.

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A call to revive the Russian (Baku) Emanuel Nobel Prize for innovation in the oil industry was one of the memorable moments at an international conference on the Nobel brothers, held in September in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.
While the name Nobel is best known worldwide for the international prizes established by Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, Alfred’s brothers Robert and Ludvig are known in Baku for their key role in the city’s first oil boom at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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