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On 15 November 2013, we at Visions of Azerbaijan lost a colleague and very dear friend, when Fiona Maclachlan succumbed to illness and passed away in Perth, Scotland. Such was her spirit and courage that the news came as an even more dreadful shock to many who had no suspicion of the long battle that she had finally lost.
Our sadness is tempered by the personal memories we have of her and her many contributions to the people and land she adopted. We try to convey below some measure of the woman behind the articles and projects she drove, and what she continually gave us. We are especially grateful to her husband Alastair for his great help in this celebration of Fiona’s life in Azerbaijan.

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by Ziyadkhan Aliyev
The career of People’s Artist Arif Huseynov spans over 40 eventful years in the history of Azerbaijani art. The 1960s and 70s, when he was just starting out, marked a turning point in the visual arts in Azerbaijan. We can only imagine the atmosphere of criticism when his first paintings were exhibited. Maybe it’s because of this demanding milieu that they still look fresh and modern today.
The coins that we take for granted in our pockets and purses will be valuable source material for historians in a few centuries’ time. The images stamped on them convey the values of the issuing state or region. The presence of foreign coins in a country is evidence of trade and travel links, or even invasion. A wealth of coins has been found in Azerbaijan, some of them the result of its location on historic north-south and east-west trade routes, such as the famous Silk Road. 
Professor Tadeusz Swietochowski on the growth of modern Azerbaijan and interest in its history

Polish-American scholar Tadeusz Swietochowski is acknowledged to be among the foremost specialists on modern Azerbaijani history. His books, including Russian Azerbaijan, 1905-1920: The Shaping of a National Identity in a Muslim Community and Russia and Azerbaijan. A Borderland in Transition, are required reading for serious students of the subject. Formerly professor of history at Monmouth University, he is now retired, but is still actively involved in research.
by Jeyran Bayramova

At 73 years of age Gulagha Tariverdiyev feels more like 50. He is kept young by daily chores in his citrus orchard, where about a hundred fruit trees need his fatherly care. Gulagha baba, as his neighbours call him, thinks of the trees as his own children. He starts each morning with a walk to the orchard just to greet every lemon, mandarin and kumquat tree.
by Elmira Muradaliyeva

The cities of Azerbaijan have been part of the pattern of trade and other ties between East and West through the ages. The linking route of the great Silk Road changed as regional powers waxed and waned, having a direct influence on the development of cities as centres of crafts and trade. 
by Neil Watson

On 5 November, The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) organised its fourth annual Business Forum London, entitled Enhancing Azerbaijan’s Competitiveness and Business Climate, attended by over 200 politicians, business executives and journalists.